Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I Love Wedding Cake!

I'm a total wedding cake girl!  I will never leave the wedding until the cake has been cut and I've had my slice!  The cake matters to me!  I think the taste needs to be equally representative of the look.  I'm a total critic on the taste.  

I've been watching Cake Boss on TLC.  Last nights episode totally got me in the mood for wedding cakes.  Here is a few of my favorites I found on a quick search.
Love the idea of chocolate frosting on this one...and the pink roses are soooo pretty!
How about the elegance of this one?  I love the bows and of course the chocolate brown!
How about this for some color?  Maybe some fuchsia brides maid dresses?  Ok, just kidding on that one...but I do have a "gem" in my closet that would look fabulous.  
I would so have a beach wedding with this fabulous cake!!!!
This is very different.  Maybe the cake of some graphic designers?
Loving the two side cakes and the fondant bows! 
How about the boldness and elegance of black and red???

I'm so in the mood for cake right now!  I have no wedding invitations on the horizon either...bummer! My next closest cake even will be a baby shower in a few weeks...i'll be tasting the cake!

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Rachel said...

My aunt is a professional wedding cake baker/decorator. She does lots of wedding cakes every year. That was my and my sisters wedding present. A cake of our choice. You have never tasted cake until you taste hers. No cake can compare with the devineness that is Auntie Linda's cakes. :)