Friday, June 12, 2009

My Tornado(s) Have Blown Away!

I'm a little lost this morning.  My parents left yesterday afternoon with both my boys and took them to DC for 4 days!  Oh my, what is a girl to do alone with her man for 4 nights???? 

First I cleaned up some spills left behind...see above!  Then I settled onto the couch for the remainder of the evening!

This morning I was inspired by Melissa's guest post today from Sandy about entertaining and when was the last time you entertained or had anyone over for dinner.  

After my boot camp class this morning...let me just interject and say "GIRL POWER!"  None of the guys showed up for class this morning.  Just 5 women that rocked it out HARD!  We even pushed our trainers car all over the FLAT parking lot!  

Anyway, I hit the grocery store and made it my goal to only purchase "adult" food only.  My attempt to is recreate a weekend for the two of us before we had kids.  I purchased good wine, good (expensive!) cheeses, bread, smoked meat, etc.  I plan a nice little romantic spread on the patio like the old days.  I got our old Saturday morning breakfast foods of sweet rolls and bacon.  Yum the memories of those days are creeping back.

I know I will miss my babies, but hope to also embrace each moments I have in my home alone for the next few days.  I've never been home without them.  

Who knows what kind of trouble I'll find myself in over the weekend, but I know it will be oh so good for me and the man!

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!


Gina said...

How fun! Enjoy your weekend-I've never had mine gone for that long but we've had a few nice evenings with the kids gone-so good to remember how it all began!

Love your blog, btw!

The Bloom Girls said...

I'm quite certain you won't be reading this comment until the weekend is over.

treasuringthemoments said...

Sounds like you're going to have a great weekend. I love planning special times like that. It's a good thing since it's only once in a blue moon that my hubby does it.