Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Need to Paint Something

I've had the itch for a quick spray paint high for a few weeks now.  Last week I stumbled upon a new blog to me that I have become a huge fan of in the last few days...It's The Little Things That Make a House a Home....and she had this great rock she spray painted and put her house numbers on.

Less than 24 hours I had "stolen" this rock from a drainage ditch in my neighborhood.

I whipped out some Sky Blue spray paint and gave it one coat on all sides.  When it was relatively dry....I have no patience for drying paint...I got out the can of black and free handed my house number on it.  
I placed it at the base of my mailbox....it is lonely and definately needs something else there too.  I'd love some nice flowers, but everything I touch just dies!
The big question is how long will it sit in this position?  The bold blueness is just screaming to a kid "Come pick me up and throw me?".  

Do you see the other rocks I've parlayed from the drainage ditch?  The purpose of this fortress is to keep my mailman from driving through my grass.  He must get his 1980 Chevy Celebrity with plywood seats as close to my mailbox as possible.  He usually runs over my rocks.  I have had to rearrange them several times.  Perhaps my rock will also remind him that I'm 7595 and not 7597, 7599 or any other address on this street that my mail routinely end up at!

This post was suppose to be about my spray paint high and I've ended up going a little postal on you instead.

Bottom line, I had a blast with this quick fix and started the ball rolling for some more!

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Trish said...

You Rock!!! he,he,he!!!