Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm not a Doctor...but I play one in real life!

Just thought I'd share a little bit about my quirky self today. I'm not in the mood for showing you my house, or giving you a recipe or any great words of wisdom today.

My other passion besides decorating and cooking and various other mom duties is what I will refer to as All Things Medical. I have this total fascination with the body and how it works and when it does not work what is the cause. I love to diagnosis things and then find out if I'm right. I must say that I usually right on the money. I can even use pretty good medical lingo when giving a diagnosis.

I read and devour medical information, not the technical stuff like medical journals, but the stuff written for the commoner like me. My big topic lately is Cancer. Sound depressing? No, it is not. Once you really understand cancer and how it happens you realize how many easy things you can do to decrease you chances for developing it. I've just read two books on it. I won't bore you with it, but feel free to send me any ?.

Another great find is a show that comes on here at 5:00 called The Doctors. OK, the eye candy of the former Bachelor on the show should be enough to keep any common housewife entertained for at least 30 min. I also am big time into Sirrius Satellite Radio and they have a new channel out of NYU called Doctor Radio. I listened to a whole show on Lupus the other day...fascinating I must say!

If I was a doctor I'd like to look like Addison (Kate Walsh) on The Practice. I'd like to have her beach house and wardrobe too. If I was forced to hook up with a doctor I think I'd pick Mark Sloan on Grey's. I always go for the bad boy!

Well, I've either bored you, scared you away or entertained you briefly.

Time to go clean something...I guess...or maybe check some WebMd!


Ruth Ann said...

I totally understand what you mean. I get fascinated by medical things too! For example, my son has many eye conditions and I've become an expert about them! lol

sassy seamstress said...

you are so funny. i can't believe you would choose mark over mcdreamy :)

Trish said...

I'd give my eye teeth to be "little Grey"!!! I'd love to have been the one to have broken that thang :) OMG, back to reality, thanks for the break!!!
p.s. Go get your MD, I could use a good doc! I think you'd be great!!!

Rachel said...

Yeah I think I would choose Mark over McDreamy too. I have a thing for the bad boys. Probably a good thing I married a good guy. I would love love L.O.V.E. to look like Addison. My heavens, she so pretty and fashionable.

CafeAngelica said...

You are a trip! good writing today. Love you