Monday, May 4, 2009

If I were sitting on this bench right now what would I be thinking? Would I be enjoying the God's beauty surrounding me? Would I be appreciating all that I had? Praying for the less fortunate? Or would I be thinking about the house nearby and all that needs to be done inside? The dirty floors, the dishes, the constant clutter, the things that need painting and updating?

That is a good question and I'm not sure how I would answer. Most days I'm so torn between what I feel needs to be done and just living in the moment. It is a deperate attempt each day to live that balance.

Another question I pondered this weekend is who would I pick that seems to have it all together. You know her, the one that has more kids than you, but seems to do it flawlessly. The one that is always at the school, volunteers for everything, has never ending energy. The one we love to hate because she just seems so perfect.

That brings me to contentment. Being content each day in each moment. Maybe you just want to blow something off and go wander Target aimlessly just looking....DO IT! Maybe your dirty bathroom could wait another day because you want to sit on the couch with a magazine or watch some lame TLC show until the bus comes....DO IT! Find your balance and live with it guilt free.

OK, speaking of that my son just awoke and want me to cuddle with him, so I'm cutting my thoughts short and I'm going for the cuddle!

Have a fabulous Monday!

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