Friday, May 29, 2009

I Want It!

A little Friday morning reflection of my week brought to you by The Inspired Room
My latest quest you ask?  The decision to fix the old refrigerator (she is only 7!) yet again, keep up the monthly hair dryer ritual on the broken part, or buy a new one.  I've already spent about $300 in the last several months to repair it.  It it worth it to spend another $200???  Well, I spied this new model and guess what it is?  BLACK STAINLESS!!  How totally cool!  I'm in love! I have black appliances right now.  She would fit right in.  Plus, they stay this new black stainless doesn't show fingerprints.  Oh yes, it is also on sale at Sears for $650 off...only a mere $1599!

She is not the only thing on my list.  I've been doing the battle again with all the things I want.  I feel like a selfish brat, not appreciating what I do have.  I'm just going to get it all out.  I'm going to put the list in writing and move forward!  OK, here it is.... I want...

1. Hardwood floors for our first floor office and master bedroom.....the carpet is totally depressing me.  it is so trashed and stained, it feels dirty all the time.  Even vacuuming it does nothing for me.

2.  New Fridge

3.  New washer and dryer and tile in the laundry room

4.  Screened in porch

5.  Landscaping

6.  I really want to go to She Speaks!!!!

Am I making you sick yet?  I'm about to puke.  I'm a total selfish brat!  Why are we so into new stuff?  What are we doing to ourselves? Satisfaction is so short lived.  I fear I'm passing this down to my children and I don't like it.  

My son was complaining this morning that he only has 5 pairs of shoes!  I gently explained to him that some people pick through trash to find things to make shoes out of in some countries!!  He looked at me like I was some crazy insane person.  No one would ever have to do that.  He asked me why I did not just buy them some shoes and send them to them!  So sweet!  Well, maybe I could if I just didn't buy myself so much.  

We do sponser a precious boy in Ecuador named Freddy, but maybe I could do more.  

OK, I've rambled my friday thoughts.  So, get your selfish wants out here, or let me know your kindhearted things you do for others..I'd love to hear both!


Ashley and Eric said...

This is the first time I've been to your blog, it is fantastic! I adore that picture of you baking cookies! Unfortunately, I also have a list of things I want. Although I agree we shouldn't be so selfish, my list remains written. :)

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Yes, girl! we both have a long list to have but I can't just say "I want" not thinking first. Well, this are just a wish and wait, who knows, right?

Keeping listing & dreaming, I do. Make life easier...

Happy Friday---

Dumbwit Tellher ♥ said...

I'm in refrigerator love! I too have all black appliances that are too good to toss but need a fridge with more room (have a side/side..ugh). Thanks for the great tip!

Becky K. said...

Ahhh....we do have to take the time to dream and the time to be thankful. You did both today.

JW and Susy said...

I want the Baby Babea(sp?) baby food maker from Williams-Sonoma...Since when do we need a $150 machine to make baby food?? Oh, but it does look awesome. My husband insists that if I use our humongous food processor to make baby's food it will be just as good. Wanting is sin problem. Before baby, it was "Oh I must have some gladiator sandals." Thought I am willing to forego clothes shopping, I have simply changed the objects of my affection...(sigh_

sassy seamstress said...

i know a great tile guy if you need one :)...the same one who did our laundry room. based on the previous statement, i too have a "want" problem.

Kelly said...

Carlton said to give him a call, 549-2230, so he can measure it.