Thursday, May 28, 2009


Nester is having a Lamp Party!  I snapped a few early this morning so the lighting is not the best.
This is my favorite lighting fixture in my house.  It caught my eye the first time I ever saw the house and I 'm still in love with it today!
What is hanging on the bottom?  A Nester tassel of course!  
War Eagle!  This is my husband's favorite lamp that hangs out in his office.


Dumbwit Tellher ♥ said...

Don't you love it when you make a choice & years later you still love it?! I love that Chandelier too.

Kathi said...

I love your chandelier too! Also really like the font you use!
Hope you have a beautiful day!

Kim @ Manning Family Tree said...

I love getting to see all the different lamps that everyone has. Thanks for sharing yours!

A Bushel and Peck and Pigtails Paper Trails said...

Love the chandelier and the Nester tassel :)

Kim said...

I love that chandelier too! I can see why it caught your eye!! I just bookmarked you! I will have to come back!!!