Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday...whoops where is the recipe?

So I've got nothing for you today! So sorry, just isn't happening. I thought I'd talk about the kitchen instead...this picture is pretty much what it looks like on any given day. This is my baking corner. I like to watch TV while I'm cranking out the dough. My favorite channels are Food Network, HGTV, Style, TLC...the usual chick stuff. What is my guilty pleasure if no one is looking? Right now it is That 70's Show.

My kitchen is defiantly my most used and most time spent in room in my house. Thought I'd ask you all a few questions about yours while I share my answers with you.

Do you like your kitchen? I like mine. There is definitely things I covet that I don't have.
What is the one thing you would like to have in your current kitchen? I'd give anything to have a big fat island! I had a big 6 foot long island in my last kitchen and I sure miss it.
When you clean up to you wash, dry and put away or just wash? I wash everything, then I run out of steam and I leave it in the dish drainer or on the counter to dry. I really should dry and put it away. I think it would make me feel less cluttered, especially in the morning when I am greeted with everything to be put away.
How many nights a week to you reheat? I can honestly say that I cook a full meal about 5 times a week. We are not big leftover people so I really try not to cook meals that have a lot of leftovers. There is always order pizza night, usually friday.
When it comes to crumb maintenance I can honestly say that I'm totally missing my dog. I did not realize how valuable he was to the kitchen floor. I never really had to break out my broom, he got it all, every last morsel or no matter what, even flour drifts. The broom is now my best friend. I realize also how messy my newly turned 5 son is! It is so unbelievable how much food he spills!!! Is this reason to get another??? Right now my answer is no, I'm sticking with the broom and vacuum.

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