Friday, March 20, 2009

First Day of Spring!

Can you believe that today is the first day of spring??? It was not feeling springy at the bus stop at 6:45 this morning! I found this picture courtesy of Country Living to inspire the spring in me.

Hooray it is Friday! I'm pondering what to say this morning before I hit the shower (it is a shower day!) and tackle the day. I think I'll just hit some highlights and low lights of the week.

In the Mom Department I we have survived just fine without our TV all week. I officially took my kids TV away last Friday until our attitude and behavior improves. I've seen some positive results from them as a result...but we are not quite there. So, for now, it is just some sports on TV with Daddy this weekend and nothing else.

I enjoyed some great time with friends this week. I had a blast on Tuesday night watching American Idol with 2 of the biggest groupies of the show I know. They just cracked me up!!!! I also enjoyed some fun time at MOPS. We had a deep discussion at the craft table on underwear and bras. We learned what each person would be willing to pay for a good bra. I also learned that a store called SOMA makes underwear that somehow "adheres" to your rear so they don't creep up.

I took up all my carpets downstairs yesterday and cleaned my hardwood floors. Crazy how these areas under the carpets have this perfectly preserved floor, shiny, no scratches! Oh how I wish the floors still looked that good!!!

I'm thankful that my husband is working hard for our family and that is job is secure!! Praise the Lord!!

Have a blessed weekend!

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