Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Busy Bird!

I've been a very busy bird! Speaking of birds...last week was a birdie filled week for me! I found these cuties at a Flea Market next to Thrill of The Hunt (in Greensboro) this past weekend. I talked them into $10 for 2!
I also scored this iron birdie wall thingie (can't think today!) It hangs on the wall and those "stumps" are hooks. Not quite sure where it is going yet. I got this brand new at The Orchard House in Summerfield, NC for $12! It is a GREAT store...hopefully I'll be posting on it next week!

Last Thursday I just so happen to be driving by Printers Alley and saw the SALE sign in the window. So, of course I stopped, with Wild Man in toe as well. I got these 2 fabulous pieces of fabric! Doesn't the top one match my couch perfectly! Well, the very next day I got an e-mail from a lady I met at a craft fair. She asked if I had a sewing that needed to be done because she really wanted some cookie dough. So, we've bartered...dough for pillows and a table runner! More on here next week as well.

Look how cute these birds are in the tree!!!

And last but not least I've discovered the Better Homes and Garden's lamps at Walmart!! Run to your nearest Walmart. I got 2 of these for $15 each!! They have them in short as well.

Do you like it with fringe???? I picked up this fringe at Printer's Alley as well, but only have enough for one lamp...bummer. Right now this is clipped on with a chip clip until I decide.

Although I do not have the official UnPlugged button from Nester and her girls, I will be unplugged tomorrow and the ENTIRE weekend! I'm heading up to north to hang with some college girls for the weekend. I hope I've given you enough to satisfy you for a few days....go find some birds girls!

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The Nester said...

Oh my word I love it all!

You have excellent taste!