Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Recipe for Success....Call a Good Friend!

Here are my new shelves...remember the ugly mirrors and glass shelves....after I put my finishing touches on them. Well, they needed a little help. So, I called in the legendary Trish Naylor of Greensboro. Anyone who has been to Trish's house knows what I'm talking about. It changes every time I'm there. She really needs a blog!
Here is the after! We shopped my house and finished them off!

Here are some close up shots of the shelves on either side.

And my favorite the mantel. We hung some good ole Southern Living Wall Art...you can never go wrong with these timeless pieces. They really brought out the chocolate brown on the patina wall tile. She filled the gaps in with clear glass, white and some silver candlesticks. I love the balance of the sizes and textures. I never would have done this myself!! Thanks Trish!
Here is a little more fluffing I did. I was so tired of the pile of magazines near my kitchen table...I love looking at magazines whenever I get a chance...usually in the kitchen. I also was so tired of seeing them stuffed in baskets,etc. So, I bought the box at Tuesday morning with a lid and I stuffed them all in there and put the lid on.

I also took my goodwill black candlestick and put on a goodwill plate and added a cheap white candle...love it!


Trish said...

Thanks for the Kudos!!! I had too much fun filling in with all the goodies hiding around your house! It was WELL worth the payment of cookie dough, Thank You!!!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Fun times! Love the new shelves!