Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hi and Happy New Year! I'm embarrassed to say, but this is not snow, it is the top of my refrigerator...well it was. I've been busy getting the house cleaned. I put my Dyson to the test yesterday. Pulled out the refrigerator, cleaned on top, behind, etc. We pulled the sectional up and got down and dirty. Everywhere I cleaned I found Nerf gun bullets. We are now up about 30 rounds! I vacuumed every thing I could, inside cabinets, under everything...I even vacuumed "the dog". He really enjoyed it. This is a rare shot of him being allowed in my kitchen. He is strictly outside or laundry room...but now that I have discovered this new vacuuming method of getting the dirt off he may get some more time inside!

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