Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sentimental Lane....

Last night I went to go see "Marley and Me" with my dear friend GG. I loved it! I loved it for so many reasons. I couldn't stop thinking about my journey with my husband and how similar it was to the movie. We met and he had this "so ugly he was cute" bull terrier Simon. Our life was all about hanging out together and including Simon in so many of the things we did. We even took him to the beach one day and he pooped in the break of the waves not 5 seconds after we arrived...just like Marley...anyway, he then proceed to ingest tons of salt water. We wandered up found a spot (away from anyone who saw him poop in the water!) and got settled. A few mintues later we heard a gush (from the south end!) and realized the salt water had just cleaned him out! Life went on, we got married, took Simon for daily walks after dinner, installed a special dog door for him, etc. Then all of a sudden....the stick turned blue and life changed for sure.
Where am I going with this? Well it seems I've been very mushy today. I been wandering aimlessly through my house today...restless, unable to concentrate. So, I picked up the phone and called my friend that I've know since 9th grade (hey Laura if you've made it to my blog yet!) and caught up with her. I've been in search of a picture from the past to post of us...but to no avail (I think they are in the attic...sorry dear...I do love you!) and I stumbled across pictures back in the day when you would acutally develop them. I found tons of pictures of the Simon days and then I stumbled on this lovely roll of black and white that my sister in law did at the beach just 9 weeks after giving birth to my firstborn. It had a picture CD with it so I've chosen this one to display today. Look at me, the new mom, so clueless, in total awe of this new baby. Not even able to comprehend what the days ahead of me would bring!!!
So where does that take me? Well, I petted my smelly dog a little more than usual today and tomorrow I'm going to try to look at my children with those same eyes I had in this picture....with amazement and joy amidst the tiredness and frustration.

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~Red Tin Heart~ said...

It is a beautiful picture of you and your baby..We don't know what life is going to through us do we?
I am going to see that movie this week. But I heard it has a sad ending..
Your blog is very sweet..
xoxo Nita