Monday, December 29, 2008

Just another Monday!

I'm back! It was a wonderful and joyous Christmas! We enjoyed the season, ate great food and had good time with relatives. Yesterday was the big clean up day and today...well, today is just feeling like a Monday with new toys. More toys for me to learn to play with. We are in the knights and castle phase as you can see. I'm clearly clueless in this department. It involves battles, killing, etc. I decided to be the official photographer instead. I'm just not good at all the make believe boy stuff. Everyone seemed engrossed and into the scene so I slipped away to my computer...finally...a moment to myself in my "office". Let me just say that my "office" is a long and somewhat narrow cedar closet at the end of our hallway upstairs. Thankfully it had electrical outlets and I was able to covert it to a hideway with a door and my computer. Below is now the picture of the current scene in here! (Note to self...get a lock for the door and keep the trash can empty!) It seems ripping up paper from my overflowing trash can is so much for fun that all the loot from Santa!

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