Monday, November 17, 2008

Back from Dough Land

Seems I took a little too much time off last week having "fun" playing Star Wars, body pumping, spinning, shopping and trying to make my Jesse Tree ornaments. So, I had to fire up the old Kitchen Aid (She needs a name...any suggestions?) and crank out some cookie dough over the weekend.
32 eggs and 24 sticks of butter I hand scooped 288 cookies. Thanks to some Marathon Food Network to keep me busy I got it done. Ina, aka The Barefoot Contessa, whipped up an incredible Thanksgiving meal in her Hamptons mansion. Piece of cake Ina! I also learned from the Food Detectives that the tryptophan in turkey really does not make you tired and that outdoor water fountains are cleaner than indoor water fountains. The most shocking discovery on that show is that the water coolers that we all chip in for in the office so we don't have to drink our of the water fountain is the most contaminated of all!!! So, if you have one, or drink out of one...go clean it right now! I also enjoyed the Pillbury Bake off contest in which the most precious old lady million dollars for creating a receipe using a Pillsbury product!

Doesn't this mound of Pretzel Crunch dough look good??? Of course I had to sample a little while working! I have a friend who shall remain nameless, to protect her shame, who recently ate a whole bag (not at once!) without even baking!! You go girl!
Needless to say Sunday night I was gone! 10 dozen out the door today! So, me and Mr. Costco will be getting friendly tomorrow for more butter!