Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Frugal Week!

It's Wednesday night and I'd like to tell you all about my frugal week so far. It seems the pursestrings are a little tighter this paycheck after some unexpected expenses....which always happen so why are they unexpected? Anyway, I wrote a check out on Sat. morning for $25 for my share of the fruits and vegtables in my bi monthly co-op I'm in. Hubby then balanced the checkbook that afternoon and declared us broke for another 6 days. My reply..."but I have not gone to the grocery store yet!" His reply "and your not going to". Mine "but we have nothing to eat!" So, we made a pact that I would not go to the grocery store and we would eat what we had, and he would not complain about the meals. So, we banded together cleaned out the freezer and promised to make it work.
I almost slipped today. I explained to hubby that I had to get snacks and juice for Bible Study for tomorrow and that I was just going to go ahead and pick up a few things, because that is what overdraft is for right??? Nope, he was not having it. We scrounged up some cash to cover it. Not to be tempted, I went to the "Lion" for my snacks instead of The Teeter. I emerged with 8 cents to spare. Dear hubby then made us a delicious dinner of scrambled eggs, bacon (found in the freezer on the cleanout) and toast, 2 pieces were even ends!
OK, are you feeling sorry for me? Please don't. It was great to share that meal together, we all loved it. There was peace and harmony at the dinner table! Besides we have about 10 dozen cookies in the freezer if we get too hungry.
Anyway, 2 more days to go and then I'm reunited with my Teeter and probably my Earth Fare my Earth Fare!

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Andrea said...

Good for you! Sometimes I am tempted to skip the shopping for a week and make do with what we have on hand. There might be complaining about what I whip up with lots of green beans and corn! :)