Thursday, October 2, 2008

Get to know Rhynes's Corner Cupboard

Today I'd like to share some of my "projects" I've done from my "treasures" found at Rhyne's Corner Cupboard, located at 603 S. Elm St. in downtown Greensboro. My good friend Bernadette turned me on to the place and has taught me how to find the real treats. The owner has some really awesome things in here and some really expensive stuff too, so don't get turned off when you first walk in. Most things in here have been salvaged from old homes and estates. The best shutter and door collection I've ever see. The best place to find stuff is in the back rooms. Off the back room on the right hand side of the store is a small room that appears to be full of junk...not so.... this is my favorite room...not one they really want you in, but I usually just good ahead and make myself at home in there. There are stacks of old windows in there. I stare at each item and try to visualize what it could be. Anyway, here are a few of my finds...

This was an old kitchen cabinet that was painted a very strange blue color, probably very old lead paint. It has the original hinges and latch...hard to see. I painted it with a few layers of black and then 2 layers of cream on top of that. I also painted the hinges black. Then I got out the old sandpaper and distressed it so the black showed through the cream. I then ordered the words LAUNDRY from my favorite vinyl website I just told the owner the dimension of the cabinet and he made the words to fit. This now hangs over my laundry room door.

Here are my shutter projects. The top one is as is, I did nothing to it but clean it off and hang it up. Quite a find because the black iron hinges are still on it! I think I paid $20 for this one. The frames are from Tuesday morning or big lots. I just go for the shape of the frame, not color, b/c hey, you can always paint and distress ANYTHING! I usually don't pay more than $6 for a frame. The bottom shutter I acutally painted black. I can't remember what it was like originally. As I recall I spray painted it white and then black and distressed a bit. The bottom frame is acutally a black frame and then I polka dotted it with paint on the tip of a pencil!
This is my latest find. I dug this out of the back room. It is a frame of a cabinet door. It has a lovely latch on it. I believe it one had a frame of glass in it. Well, I found this and it was just speaking to me. I had no idea what to do with it, I was just "feeling" it. I had it for about 2 months before I decided what to do with it. Oh, and I talked her down from $35 to $25. So, what did I do with it? I'm going to make you wait until tomorrow!!!!!


sassy seamstress said...

listen to this. i was talking to my mom the other day after i had left the store and i was telling her about all the mantels they had in there. i love mantels. anyway, i knew my mom had one in their shed and i casually mentioned that i wanted it if we ever built a house. (this is such a good story that i might post about it) i have always loved that mantel and have had my eyes on it for years but have never really had a good place for it. well, as soon as i mentioned it to her she said "i sold it". get this. she sold it for $25!!!!!! can you believe it. it was salvaged from an old house and she sold it for $25. AAAHHHHH!

sassy seamstress said...

just saw the shout out on the curtains...thanks! oh, and everyone will definitely love what you did with the "door". good's worth the wait!