Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bake Until Done

Today I'd like to clairfy my baking directions I left yesterday....Bake until done. Not so kind was it. I did not put a time because is varies for which size loaf pan you are using. Sometimes I like to use the bigger ones and sometimes I like the mini ones of I'm going to share with friends.

Anyway, when baking this type of a bread usually for a med to big loaf you would bake for about 40 min maybe longer. You want the sides to be pulling away from the pan and then if you insert a toothpick it needs to come out clean. If it is still gooey you need some more time. The moister (is that a word) the bread the more time you will need. My zuchinni bread had the addition of the yogurt so it needed a little more time than usual.

I hope that helps. For all you lurkers I'd love to hear from you. I think if you go to www.blogger.com you can sign up and get a google account so you can leave comments. If that is too hard you may e-mail me any comments or questions at MaryJean@triad.rr.com

Also...I got my first online order from my foodzie store today! Yeah!

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