Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Baby Grew Up

Yesterday was bittersweet....

I hugged my last born goodbye and watched him walk down the hallway alone to his kindergarten room. He wanted to ride the bus with his big brother, but agreed to let Mom and Dad drive him in daddy's truck. He did not want me to walk him all the way to the classroom door, so I consented to let him be a big boy and teared up as he walked proud and tall!

He rode the bus home with the rest of the neighborhood gang and was on the bus this morning. Wow, he grew up.

It is bittersweet. I will admit that I enjoyed yesterday with a friend. Today I will go to the gym and then a meeting for school nutrition. I've entered a new phase of life and I'm ready to fully embrace it!

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Kelly said...

It was so bittersweet! It didn't hit me until I was walking Hannah in, she seemed a little scared. After she saw Grayson she perked right up, they were sitting beside each other! so precious!
Cheers to a great year!