Sunday, August 23, 2009

Julie and Julia

In honor of old school blogging I am not including an eye catching photo...I'm hoping you just care about what I have to say today....

I went and saw Julie and Julia this weekend and so enjoyed it! I loved it for so many reasons. I learned that Julie started her blog in 2002, in which she blogged her way through the entire Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking cookbook in a year! Wow, didn't realize that people were blogging or reading blogs in 2002! It was so basic then! No fancy layouts, no Mr. Linky parties, just words to read.

I love what I learned about Julia Childs. She did not find her real passion until her late, late 30's. That is when she came into herself. She took the time to grow and become who she was. She did not rush it. She got better with age. She was timeless. I so identified with this because I feel like I've been patient with my life through the preschool years in my 30's. I've taken this time to discover myself and develop new passions. I just turned 39 this year and both my kids will be in school full time starting TOMORROW. I treasure those years I had at home, but am sooo excited because I've got some HUGE things going on (to be revealed soon!). I feel like it is going to be my time, just like Julia's!

I loved how Julie had a goal and she stuck to it. Loved how she got so excited when she got comments....totally identify with that. Why do random comments from people mean so much to us bloggers??? Why do we need the approval of people we don't really know? Are we writing blogs for ourselves or for others? I think both. I want my readers to gain something from taking a few moments to read a blog. Even if it is a pretty picture, that picture can really mean something to someone.

I left the movie wondering who is my Julia Childs? Whose is the one person on earth that would be someone I don't know, but who is larger than life to me. Someone who fascinates me the way Julia did Julie. Someone I would just be overwhelmed by if I was to be in the same room with. Could I do a blog on this person, write a book about it, get famous and then have it made into a movie?? I guess I should pick my person a carefully.

I'm going to ponder this question. I have a few people in mind. I've actually got an "Amen" in the streets of Blowing Rock, NC from one of them. Who is your "Julia"?

The only downer in the movie is that they never meet! I wonder why???

Have a beautiful day!


Rachel said...

I think the line from "Shall We Dance?" sums up why we love comments so much. We need a witness to our lives(blogs) saying that what we do doesn't go unnoticed. I just like knowing someone is out there. Ya know?

Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

I knew this movie was about Julia Childs but had no idea the other slant to it was blogging. Wow - off to check it out. :)