Monday, August 17, 2009

I Need My Mommy!

Today I just feel cluttered and overwhelmed!!! Yes, I always feel a bit of this, but today it is REALLY bad. It is times like these when I can call up my mom who lives about 8 minutes away and she usually can make some time to come over. She is so gifted on organizing the toy room and boys room. She actually LOVES doing it. I've relied on her over to be there to do this when it just gets too much. So, why is this not happening?? Mommy is in Canada! She has been on this big trip for 10 days and is still not returning until this weekend!!!

Oh, I so just crave her today. She eases my burdens and lessens my loads in just the right way. I just walked into the boys room and had a panic attack! School is starting next week and I'm no where near being organized. The play room is a wreck, desks are not ready for homework. I need to still do some major purging form last years school work.

Are you yelling back at me to get of this stinking computer and go get it done! Because that is what I'm telling myself!

It will never look like this totally hilarious picture I posted. Do people really live, and I mean live in and function, in spaces that look this clean? If you do I want to know!!

I'm off to tackle my "stuff" and miss my mom some more!


sassy seamstress said...

i was getting ready to scream if this was your laundry room makeover!!! i was about to be so jealous! and yes, we all have those "i need my mommy" matter how old we are.

Kelly said...

I'm with you!!! School starts Thursday and I'm clearly in denial from the looks of this place. I love summer fun- I'm not ready to be responsible again just yet!

Darlene said...

truth? I really do live and function as much as possible in spaces like this.... BUT!!!!!... I look at the pictures of you and wonder:
"Do people really bake??? I mean, really???" each his own!!! love it!