Friday, August 14, 2009

The End of the Chiklets

Look at this precious face! He is headed of to 2nd grade in just about a week. I wanted to capture his sweet little smile before his face changes. He is a little late on losing teeth...which is fine by me. He two front teeth are super loose and any day now those perfect little Chiclets will replaces with an awkward gap.

I think for me they represent innocence. I'm hanging onto the memories of when they first popped through. Oh the agony they caused! All the smiles I photographed over the years of those perfect little teeth. They represent a first in life, a milestone when they finally appeared.

When the new ones come in he will be a "big boy". They will be his teeth forever!

Is is strange that I'm feeling so attached to these baby teeth?


sassy seamstress said...

i know EXACTLY how you feel. i was just telling my middle child tonight (whose tooth almost came out) and i told her i wanted to cry. those baby teeth are just too precious. it changes the forever!

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Oh my goodness-- you had me reflecting back to my childrens changes. I got up from the computer and went to a box where i keep the strangest things.

(eeeek) and yes...they were some of my childrens baby teeth. (my oldest is now 30) I guess some would say that is weird... but it was a precisous time for me.