Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yard Sale Goodie!

I arose early this past Saturday....something I am not fond of in the least!  I've finally reached the stage of my life where I can actually sleep in and I so treasure those days.  

The hoods were calling me and I set out with a dear friend to a multi sale nearby.  So much more fun when you a have a friend with you!  

On the last house of the day I spied this table in piece casually tossed in a pile.  It immediately spoke to me.  The wood felt so right in my hands.  It was priced at $15.  I offered $10 and we had a deal!  It is quite old.  Layers of paint, some of them lead I'm sure, havd been carefully sanded down...saved me a lot of work!  

I've decided to use it without the leaves as a small laundry folding table in my new laundry room.  I promise the reveal will be soon!  

Last night I took my treasure to a local store here in Greensboro called The Thrill of the Hunt and attended a furniture painting class.  I wish I had some pics to share, but I got so caught up in the class and my hands were so full of paint that I left the camera in the purse!  

Anyway, she has received 2 glorious coats of paint so far.  The second class is Wednesday night where I will learn glazing and distressing!  I fear I will become an addict and start painting everything I can get my hands on!  Her pieces in the store are just amazang!!!

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