Sunday, July 12, 2009

Price My Space

This post is my first attempt at photobucket. I've got a BIG project in the works in which I need to learn photobucket...can't wait to share it with you all!! Anyway, thought I'd give it a shot and get in on the Price My Space Party Nester is throwing.

I've been working on my great room for a little over a year now. I've posted a lot about my various projects in here over the year. I never really did highlight the big furniture items though.

1. New couch purchased 18 months ago. This replaced a hideous 11 year old floral that I had before I got married. My husband HATED it for 8 years. But, with small kids we could not justify the replacement until recently. We went on the cheap side because at 5 and 7 we are still making some messes. The couch is a sectional from Ashley Furniture that is originally $1,300ish. But, I had a have a furniture contact who can get me half off many manufacturers, so I only paid $750 for the couch.

2. I needed some height in this room to battle the tall ceilings. At the time our TV was over the fireplace in a cabinet in which the doors would not shut. I decided I did not want to see the TV in this room so I found this armoire at Consignment's 1st in Greensboro, NC. It is from a suite in the Ritz Carlton in NYC. A decorator from here was helping with the remodel and brought this piece and several more back from NYC, and the the pieces she did not want she consigned. I paid a little over $600.

3. I also purchased this brand new black leather chair and ottoman at Consignments 1st for $399. It was a purchase on a whim because I really wanted a new chair. Not the best purchase I would say. It is not that comfortable and I wish I would have shopped around more and perhaps even spent a little more for a better chair.

4. Capel Carpet. This was a big splurge when we first moved into our house 7 years ago. I think we paid at least $2,000 for this carpet. It is an 8 x 10. I'm not into the colors anymore, but I think I'm stuck with it. My husband refuses to let me replace this. It is a great carpet though.

5. This ledge got a makeover as well. I found the door frame at a antique shop for $25 and I paid $1.50 for the piece of fabric in it. I got the lamps from my mom's attic and spray painted them and put on new lampshades. The urns are from Hobby Lobby for $25. I kept is simple up there.

6. This entire wall has had a makeover this last year. The TV cabinet was enclosed over the fireplace and the mirrors and glass shelves were ripped out and replaced with beadboard and wood. This project cost me $400. The center wall tile is from antique store and I paid $65. The rest of the things on the mantel and bookcase I shopped my house for or got a goodwill for dirt cheap.

That is the basics on my living room makeover. Gone is the floral couch, cranberry chairs and oversized ottoman! Gone are the mirrors and glass!


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I REALLY love the built-ins and the ledge you have. Fab-u-lous! Visiting from The Nester's party. :)

edie said...

mary jean,
It's just beautiful! And I do love the chair, but I know what you mean about comfort. You got some really good prices!

thanks for sharing!

Your cool friend Cheryl said...

I LOVE your built-ins! Great job!

NicNacManiac said...

Love the built-ins and the accessories on the walls. The carpet is gorgeous. Fabulous room!
Thanks for sharing. xOxO Nerina :)

Leslie said...

LOVE the way you have decorated!

Please check out my blog if you have a minute.

We're helping Natalie's Peace of Mind Fund

A Bushel and Peck and Pigtails Paper Trails said...

Love the built-ins and I love the lounge at the end of the sectional! That would be my favorite spot.

Brenda said...

Yes, that wall with the built-ins looks very elegant. We're redoing our fireplace right now and looking at all the possibilities. But we don't have that high wall. Every time I buy a chair with an ottoman like that it ends up I'm not comfortable in it. Can't say exactly why! You've done a very good job being thrifty and making it look nice!

daylilylane said...

Great work! It's so cozy. I like the rug. It looks like it works in your pictures. That husband of yours might be right. I think it has a place there. Awesome job.

Andrea said...

Your room is very inviting AND beautiful!
This is my first time to pop over (from the Nesting Place) and I just LOVE your blog layout! The picture of you in the header is so cute!!!

Marie said...

Hello Mary Jean - love your room! My fave is your carpet. Looks so cozy in there. Thank you for sharing!


Abbie said...

Over from the Nester, I really like your room. I love that you echoed the diamond pattern in a couple of wall adornments, and then with the lamp shades that flare out. Beautiful. Oh, and I love the color on the walls with the black accents! Great job...Abbie

Mom to "W" said...

Visiting frpm the Nester your room looks great! I live in the triad too. Were is that consignment store?