Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Great Harvest

Here is a glimpse at our first attempt at a garden.  I've been wanting to garden for years and finally thought I'd try to farm part of my yard.  It is a good thing we started out small because although I have a burning passion for fresh vegetables I have no experience planting a growing and have never even been able to keep a house plant alive!  It is a total miracle that I even have anything remotely to blog about.  I thought I'd share the first harvest with you...

Here it is!!  We each got about 3 beans and not quite a full cherry tomato each!  

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Rachel said...

My sisters have a joint garden most years. One year we used miracle grow on our tomato plants, twice. Dear Lord, we had tomatoes EVERYWHERE! We couldn't give them away fast enough. We never ever did that again. We canned so many jars of tomato sauce.