Monday, July 6, 2009

1,036 Miles

Back to the grind after a 1,036 mile road trip!  I'm still dreaming of Amish Country in Pennsylvania.   We traveled from NC up Route 81 to Reading, Pennsylvania to visit my husband's relatives.  We spent 2 days in Reading.  No Jon and Kate sightings to report.  
Next we headed towards the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland through Amish Country.  It was so beautiful and peaceful.  I wanted to stop every few miles to take it all in.  We were caravanning so that was a little difficult.  Let me just say there were Yard Sales galore and they looked soooo awesome!  It killed me not to stop!  We did stop at 2 markets and I managed to eat my way through Amish Country.  Everything was so fresh and REAL tasting!  
We did enjoy some homemade Root Beer.
I also indulged in this homemade chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting!  So delicious. We also snacked on homemade cheese from the farm, fresh produce from the fields, fresh lemon bars, and fresh homemade muffins.  It made me want to move there, buy a farm and open my own roadside stand!  I can't believe the difference in flavors of all the wonderful things we got to eat!  
We continued on to the Bay.  We had a hotel room in Middleton, Deleware...located right behind this baby.  This entire photo from one end to the other is WALMART!  We had to go to the far back of the parking lot to get this shot of the whole thing.  My husband thought I was so strange.  My kids declared "Mommy takes pictures of everything!" 
And yes, I had to get a photo inside the joint.  To my dismay I had a whopping 5 minutes to secure my tube of cortisone cream  and be on my way.  I inquired and found out that the WALMART is 220,000 square feet.  That is a lot of WALMART!
Finally, our final destination was the Sassafras River, just off the Chesapeake Bay.  We spent 2 days (not nights....thank you for our wonderful Hampton Inn!) swimming and boating!
We were treated to a beautiful sunset on July 4th and then some wonderful fireworks on the water.  

It was a fabulous trip!  I am now back to reality....laundry and unpacking.  It a a rainy, overcast and cozy day in Summerfield, NC today.  The perfect day to stay home and regroup.

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