Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm back with an important question...

I'm barely among the online living. Except for some random Facebook (which I'm not really into) checks I was completely unplugged over Spring Break!! I've missed the blog world and feeling so left behind with all of you.

I need to branch out of my walk in cedar closet I call my office. I need the freedom of a laptop. I'm finally going to break down and get one. My current HP PC shuts off every time I walk away from it. Imagine restarting every time you come back to your computer!!! My computer is about 5 years old so it is time.

So, the BIG important question....What laptop do I get???????

Sorry MAC people that is the only route I will not be going..can't afford and won't be learning anything new. So, besides that tell me what you have and what you like....I need some serious feedback. I'm overwhelmed with the information. It seems you are either a Dell person or an HP. I've had both, but never a give it to me!!

Also, if you have VISTA, do you like it or hate it?


Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

We currently have 3 HP laptops in our home and love them. I had some problems a few days after my year warrenty expired and they still honored it. They sent me a pre-paid box and it was back in my hands within 7 days. I have a 17 inch screen and it is heaven. I had the chance to get Vista or keep Windows, I chose to just keep Windows since I knew it already. I am not much for change.

My son has a HP with Vista and loves it. My husband has Windows. I work at home so I went with a little more pricey model, pluse I take lots of photos. I needed speed and room.

The three ranged between 400 and 1400 and they are all great computers.

Good Luck and enjoy your new toy.


Darlene said...

can't help you..... but would love to know what you discover.