Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Only Room I Have Not Painted

Isn't this beatiful??? It is in my house and it is the only room I have never painted!!!
It is my Master Bathroom! It was a special treat from our builder almost 7 years ago. He was putting our home on the Parade of Homes right after we bought it and told us there would be a mural in the bathroom. We went back to DC for a few weeks and when we came back we were pleasantly suprised to find this!

More of the walls...

I often wonder if I will ever get tired of it. Will I ever paint over it??? I've painted everything in our house at least once and sometimes twice...but never this room. Do you think I lay in my big jacuzzi tub and stare longingly at this scene pretending I am in the Tuscan country? No. Guess what not using my tub got me? Broken jets...they say from lack of use...the motor just died b/c it wasn't used. How sad. Well, I can still soak and resolve to do it soon! I bought some pretty bath salts the other day.

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Darlene said...

GORGEOUS!!! take me away....

I say this to make you feel better: I NEVER use jets, and I am a die hard bath girl. Why? because you are not supposed to use them with 'products.!" What is a soak without glorious products??

For that matter. What is a woman without glorious products!!!!!!