Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday's Recipe

Is it already Monday again??? How does this happen? Today I have a SUPER easy bean soup recipe and you only need 2 things and a crock pot!

Buy some orangic dried navy is important that you use always use organic beans. 2 large cartins of vegtable broth...quality matters so go for the organic here too!

Dump the 2 containers (8 cups) of vegtable broth and the beans (rinse them first) into the crock pot. Turn on the crock pot. I put mine on the high 4 hour setting. Mine switched to warm after 4 hours and we ate it about 7 hours after I turned it on and it was perfecto!!! Kids liked it too!

I've been really into beans lately and trying to get my kids to eat more of them too.

Also, thank you ladies for letting me know about history behind the blue painted roofs! I did not know that!! I have wasp problems so maybe I should paint over my porch blue!

Happy Monday!


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