Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Happy Feet

I'm totally addicted to Dansko and Sanita Clogs! I'm on my feet alot and they must be happy at all times. So I dress them well each day. Today I am sporting my ultra hip Brown Cows!
I'm also really into my cute Mary Jane strappy ones. I love changing up my socks with these guys!

Here are my original two pairs. The black have seen some serious action. They are my "slippers". They go to the bus stop everymorning. They have ton's of flour spilled on them and a little paint too...imagine that!

I've also got crushed velvet in black and brown!

And last but not least I got a vintage pair of Sanita's on e-bay. They are my only pair of wooden bottom clogs and will be my last pair. Ouch! Not a fan of walking of wooden planks!
If you are in the market and don't want to pay full price check out e-bay....deals to be had!

1 comment:

CafeAngelica said...

You are too cute!!!!! Only you could make an entry on clogs and call it Happy Feet!! I love it.
You should be a writer...i'm telling you! children's books? something!

You know my favorites are the cows...but love the Mary Janes too.
Hey..next time your out and see some fabulous socks for those, pick me up a pair too...!

im crazy about you!!!!!