Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lunch with a Friend!

Today I woke up a little on the blue side...I wandered around my house trying to figure what to do, of course I'm overwhelmed like everyone of you with the laundry, paperwork, dirty know all the usual. Thursday is my stay at home day cleaning day, in which I tell my 4 year old 100 times "No, mommy as to clean something". I decided to blow it all off, because by tomorrow you would never know it had been done anyway. I called up by dear friend, and ever so faithful follower of my blog, Angela, and told her I was heading out to the boonies (she is a country girl!) to visit and hang. We were preggers together in 2004 and our boys are only 6 days apart! The boys played and we sat. She taught me Facebook....OH NO! We talked American Idol and all sorts of silly girl stuff...nothing too serious or deep, just girlfriend stuff. Then she made me lunch...look at the wonderful presentation!

Nothing like a few hours of this to get a girl back in her groove! Thanks GG!

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Anonymous said...

oh no FB you are in trouble now!!!!Have a Happy Valentines day!