Friday, February 6, 2009


It is Friday....again...don't forget us all who are posting on friday's on The Inspired Room.

I've been pondering the topic of Contentment all week. It is a tough one and I battle my inner self constantly in this department. What is true contentment? I'm defining it today by showing you my 2003 Honda Odyssey...yes the car I swore I'd NEVER have. The one I BEGGED my husband for in 2003. I love it, I'm content with it....until I see this Mercedes R350. It is currently my desired for car. I won't be getting it, but hey, if you gave me one I'd gladly take it. I constantly remind myself that I have a very nice car, heated leather seats, automatic doors, a mere 84,000 (baby miles for a Honda!). My only complaint, the back windows don't go down. Not really a good reason to get the new model or any other new car for that matter.
I love how God works when we are feeling a struggle like this one. I'm currently doing a Beth Moore Bible study and on Wednesday her lesson mentioned the topic of Contentment and she lists 4 things that rob us of our Contentment. I think they are great things so I'm going to list them for you to ponder. The first is Pettiness. Wow....I know none of us have ever participated in that! The second is Anxiety. I experience this every time I come into my office and look around...I'll have to share a picture of this joint soon. Every office I have ever had in my entire life is just trashed....I can't escape it! The third is Destructive Thoughts. If 10 people complimented you today and 1 person criticized, which would you go to bed thinking about? And lastly Resistance to Learn. We don't get contentment...we learn it.
So, every time I pass that Mercedes R350 I'm going to say "ha, I have a seat warmer too!"
Have a Blessed and Content weekend!


Teresa said...

Great thoughts- I will have lots to think about today- and it's so true 10 great things can be shot down with one rude comment-
Thanks for a wonderful post.
Happy Day

Kathy P said...

So true. And I have to say - we LOVE our Honda Odyssey. Yes, there are fancier cars, but you cannot get more bang for the buck with an Odyssey. And just imagine your anxiety if you had your boys opening their side doors - into the neighboring car. Gotta love the Odyssey - we loved our 2003 so much that we got a 2007 (only because Joe's parents bought our 2003 when the lease was up). The 2007 is ours for 10 years at least...

Darlene said...

What a CUTE blog you have! I had to laugh when I read this, because I am in MAJOR denial compared to you. I cannot accept the fate of a minivan in my life... even though it is EXACTLY what I need :), and on top of that, I saw some hot new mercedes sportscar yesterday on the way home from church, and declared to my honey "THAT is my next car!"