Monday, January 12, 2009

So Hard to Say Goodbye....

For my faithful readers you will note that I have not posted anything about my dog Simon until I saw Marley and Me a few weeks ago. I left that movie really thinking about my dog and how I would feel when his time came. I decided to love him better, because he could really annoy me at times, and I often expressed my annoyance toward him. As I was closing up my 2009 resolutions last friday afternoon I really pondered what else I could add to that list, I felt it was not complete yet. My last entry was "to try to tolerate my aging dog a little better". He was not sick, but was pushing 11 and getting very "needy", and I was having a hard time with that. I wrapped up my post and headed downstairs to get my kids ready to leave with their father to Monster Jam. A few minutes later my dear hubby discovered Simon has passed away in the backyard not too long ago.

It has been such an emotional 3 days. He was such a huge part of our daily lives. We are so broken hearted and lost in our daily routines with out him. It has made me realize how suddenly something can be taken away from us.

Dear Simon

I remember when I first met you. You were about 2 years old. I was falling in love with your dad and you were part of the package. I had never had a dog before. It was all new to me. I remember taking walks with you and Daddy. We shared alot in those 10 months of falling in love. When Daddy had to move to Washington DC you came to live with me. Lots of walks and playing and learning how to pick up poop with a plastic bag..something I never really got the hang of! We all moved to DC and built a house. We installed a special dog door for you since we were gone all day. We worried about you while we were gone. We walked you faithfully every night. You went everywhere with us. You were our baby....until 20 months later there really was a baby. Your stock fell, the walks were few and far between. You still stood loyal to us. You learned to accept the baby, and then the next one. As they grew older you endured tail pullings, pokings all over your body. You lay still outside as they emptied almost the entire sandbox on top of you. You endured Grayson laying on top of you quite frequently. You loved the addition of crumbs, crumbs and more crumbs. Little people to drop you treats. I did not have to sweep, you were there for every crumb. And yes, like all living creatures you love, there were things about you that drove me crazy too! Your constant search for those crumbs could get a bit annoying. You never gave up on a chance to get a taste of lick of anything edible!

You were our dog, a family member and you are greatly missed. Thank you for loving us unconditionally. Thank you for your loyalty. Thank you for understanding when we could not give you as much during the baby years. I'm glad the boys could make it up to you and show you their love the last few years. You will always be in our hearts.

All my love,


AimeeZ said...

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Simon! We take dogs and people for granted. And when they pass, we realize how much they meant to us.

Give my love to your boys (big & small!).


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful tribute! Hope you guys are doing ok. Thinking about you all!Love