Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Playroom Cleanup Countdown

"HELP!...Don't make me go back in there!" said the fierce Black Power Ranger.

So glad that I took the time to get these shelves and organize all the toys in the playroom closet! The countdown to Christmas is approaching way too fast. I'm challenging myself and the rest of you to cleanup those playrooms/play areas in your house. I'm won't be organizing all the toys back into the closet. I'm going to ELIMINATE at least half of the stuff in there. This is the hardest task because it must be done at night (who has the energy) or while they are all school. So, I figure if I take the next month to slowly ELIMINATE perhaps 1-2 items a day I'll be in shape. Anyone else up for the challenge???? I started today with the bookcase in the boys room. I took every single book off, sorted them and ELIMINATED at least 20! Felt good!!! OK, they are just set aside in a pile, but I plan to goodwill them soon.

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