Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Dining Room is DONE!

The last room on my downstairs total makeover that started last January is finally done!! Goodbye Ralph Lauren Red Barn...oh how I loved you for so long and then I just turned on you suddenly one day, replacing you with my new favorite shade...Mocha from Devine Paints. I paired Mocha with a lovely shade of pale blue custom made for me by my good friends at Sherwin Williams. I took a swatch of my chair fabric and had this fabulous shade made. I painted the inside of the wainscoting and the inside of the tray ceiling with it.

I also took these $4 hunter green frames from Big Lots, spray painted them brown and then painted my blue on them and distressed! I then framed my darlins in them! Here is my favorite thing in the room! My custom made draperies from The Sassy Seamstress. I fell in love with this paisly blue and brown fabric I found on!

This picture does not do them justice. I'm not so good with lighting and taking pictures. But they are just awesome and fit the room perfectly!!!
This lovely piece on this wall was a used TV cabinet my mom had gotten for my grandma for $80! It now houses my cookie supplies!
This mirror was a great mirror I got at Pottery Barn in about 1997! It was a lovely gold. I could not part with it so I spray painted...a couple of times before I got it right. I also did some spray painting action on the yard sale urn in the corner.
Julie gets an honorable mention for these chairs she recovered for me! So helpful to have an interior designer as a great friend and close by...across the street!
Well, there she is. My final full room paint for awhile....I think!


sassy seamstress said...

yea!!! so glad to see pics. if you ever decide you want to pleat the other portions, i'll be glad to come over and do that for you. enjoy your completed room.

Darlene said...

I adore Robins Egg blue and Chocolate. Looks so classy, girl.