Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Christmas Stress In October!?!?!?!

My topic today is holiday stress. I find it so annoying that any store I go to I can shop for Halloween, Fall and Christmas all at once!!! It is totally stressing me out! Can't we just enjoy one season and then slowly move into the next? It takes the enjoyment out of the season for me. My kids have not even trick or treated and they are already talking about what they want for Christmas! Monday we still had on tank tops and shorts!

This happens to me every year. I say I'm not going to stress and then I start seeing everything around me and I go into a panic. And, those of you who will remain nameless in my blog...but I know you are out there...those of you who always get your shopping done way ahead of stress me out even more!!!!

So, I vow once again to relax, try to enjoy the season, remember what it is really about. Will that can only hope.

For me it is pumpkins only until Nov. 1st!

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