Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Nut in Action!

Ok, yesterday I just whipped on my cute little polka dot apron and cooked up 225 cookies and individually packaged each one! Just another day in Dough Nut land. Why, did I do this? Well, I'm looking all cute so mom could do a little photo op for the Foodzie people. My online store is almost ready to go up on in the next week or do. These cookies are now traveling to San Francisco for the Foodzie investors and other to sample! Yikes! I'm a little freaked out. Will they make it one piece? Will the vanilla drizzle on the Swedish Ginger crumble off...most likely? Will they like them?????
Oh yes, and if you have not seen me in the last month, I did chop all my hair off. It feels quite wonderful and more mom ponytail for me! And for anyone else who has been inquiring it is Sandy and Salon Envy.
I'll keep you posted on the Foodzie report..check out the website. It is just launching and I am one of the first to participate....I should be on soon. Keep me in your prayers. Love and blessing to so many of you who support means so much!

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