Thursday, September 25, 2008

Just a few random pictures

Well, I'm still in the sweats I grabbed at 6:15 am to go to the bus stop on this blustry fall day. It kind of feels good. I stayed home ALL day! We even whimped out of tae qwon do....I just didn't want to go anywhere.

It was a good day. The Sassyseamstress came over today with my new dining room curtains!!! They look marvelous!!! Minus something to hang in one wall I can call that room DONE! Really I mean it, no paintbrush will touch that room for quite awhile. It is now my favorite room in the house. I will do a reveal picture soon!

I then moved on to cookie dough. I made 2 flavors today, and had just finished cleaning up when my precious Ethan (who loved to brag on his mothers cookies!) came home from school and announced that his teacher wanted him to bring cookies for the whole class tomorrow for the assistants birthday. I looked in the backpack, no note about this could be found. So, I said "I don't think so". But, he insisted that it was indeed a request. So, after a grill session I learned that she did indeed call him to her desk and whisper in his ear her request. Well, my cookies are BIG and they don't meet the Guilford County School System Nutrition guide for what you can bring in for a snack. My kitchen however has been inspected so I may indeed bring something homemade in. Anyway, I then had to whip up another batch of dough and use my mini scoop. I simply could not dissappoint my son who is so proud of me. I did however cheat on the cake raffle for the teacher. It is suppose to be a homemade cake to be raffled....and I later just learned, with your NAME on it claiming it. Well, I hit the ole Costco yesterday and picked up a very delicious Key Lime Pie for $9.99 (quite a bargain I is huge). So, now I have a pie instead of a cake and it is not homemade. I think I'll drop it off without my name and not give it a second is that for not stressing!

Well, a little less than two hours until the season opener of Grey's Anatomy! I will be on the my same old sweats...soon!

Check out my new favorite song by Addison Road on my playlist...Gi Gi have you heard this one yet? You are always so ahead of the music scene.

Love to all!

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