Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'm Back!

I'm back from a week in the Outer Banks! It was so wonderful! I'd post a picture...but currently I'm too lazy to walk downstairs and get my camera!

Anyway, the first day I found myself asking if anyone had brought their laptop...dad, brother, husband, anyone???? They all said NO, why??? I admitted to them all that I am blogging and really into reading some favorites. They did not quite understand so I just went with it. It was so weird not having a way to be "connected". I found in our routine conversations about things we would often have questions or ponder things. Things we would just go google, but we couldn't! Kind of sad. I turned off the cell phone and "disconnected". It was rather refreshing. I read an entire book...perhaps tomorrow's post. I just relaxed! No baking, no phone. I acutally did not even drive my car one time there. I hopped a ride or borrowed my brothers rental. Just needed a break from that darn mini van.

Sadly, I must say, I'm no longer relaxed. It lasted a day!! By today I was back to my usual bundle of stressed out nerves, and now missing my afternoon nap! How does this happen? I also tried to undo a week of ice cream at the gym yesterday...having a hard time walking today!

I will close by saying that I am blessed to be able to take a week off!

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