Saturday, August 23, 2008

Getting Ready for the New Year - School!

I really want to focus my blog on food because I love it and because as you know I'm very anal about it too!!! I've learned so much in my years as a mother about food and feeding the family what it needs. I'm also very passionate about the family dinner time too!

So, in preparation for the "new year" and maintaining good eating habits for your children as they go off to school, I'm going to share my Power Pancake Receipe. I've been making these for my family for over a year now. My kids LOVE them and my husband swears that if he eats two in the morning he feels great until lunch. I've shared this receipe with many. I guarantee if you start your kids off right before they leave for school you are setting them up for success for the rest of the day and to make better choices!

OK here it finally is...okay I don't measure ..ooops

1-2 cups of whole grain pancake mix. I get it out of the bin at Earth Fare. I like Bob's too, but they stop having it at HT, so I have to go to EF to get that too.
1/2 c. organic applesauce - i used the mixed berry kind, HT has and EF
1 egg
1/3 c. ground flax seed meal (Bob's) HT and EF
vanilla soy milk or organic milk - i just dump in and mix until I have the consistentcy I want.

Also, don't forget if you are going to use syrup only use real maple syrup. Get the big one at Cotco for $17. Regular pancake syrup is just a bottle of High Fructose Corn Syrup, not good for kids at all!!! Ethan just eats butter on his. Honey is a good idea too.

Make whole bunch at a time and then you can just heat and serve in the mornings!

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