Thursday, March 5, 2009

Charleston Part I...Food

Yes, I am in Charleston and loving every minute of it. My first passion in life is "Food, Glorious Food!", so I will begin my chronicles with food. I did not have my camera on the first leg of eating. Tuesday night we hit the legendary Hymans for the best crabcakes I've ever eaten! Today my culinary journey led me to 82 Queen which boasts the best She Crab soup in town. Here I am enjoying a rich delicious bowl. I sat at the bar and chatted with the bar tender (a women) and learned that the Charleston housing market has been hit just as hard as the rest of the country.

I continued on and walked down Meeting Street to the Battery and all around the winding little streets until I made my way to East Bay...mecca of more food! I looked up at saw a sign that said BAKED. Now being the complete and total Food Network Junkie that I am I knew that there was a bakery in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn called Baked. I had watched their show that chronicled 2 guys that quit their jobs to follow their passion of baking....a dream of my own! So, now I'm seeing a bakery called Baked...could it be?????
It was!!! Oh so excited for them! OK, what do I get? A compare to my own? A brownie....they were Oprah's favorite? Cake?

I decided on the Sweet and Salty Brownie...YUM! So, moist and chocolaty with the perfect hint of saltiness. I agree with Oprah...well at least on the brownie.

Then I spied a familiar face? Could it be? I grabbed the cookbook off the shelf near my table and flipped to the back cover. Yes, it was....Matt...the owner...the guy from the Food Network Show. We sat down and chatted a bit. I congratulated him on the success of the bakery. I loved the brownie and was able to get the secret the saltiness!

I purchased a signed copy of the cookbook and was on my way...after devouring every bit of the brownie!

I'm awaiting the arrival of the hubby and then we will partake in some more Charleston treats for dinner!

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Rachel said...

What a neat twist to your trip. How fun. Are you going to share the brownie secret? Have a beautiful day.