Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What's a girl to do?

It seems we have another "blizzard" here in NC...ugh, no school and no "real" snow to play in. The kids played outside until the 1/8 of an inch of white dust was just wet grass...didn't take long!

I have to remind them of this phrase on their wall several times today! It is not sinking in! Since they were not playing in their room...just trashing the rest of the house...I decided it was probably time to finish laundry and put away about 2 weeks worth that was piling up in baskets. We've been living out of laundry baskets and the dryer!
So, check out my kids huge honkin closet. Do you hate me? I'm crammed in the back corner trying to capture it all. It is like another room. I just finished hanging all the clean clothes up. Call me wierd, but except for PJ's and underwear and I hang it all up. I like to see it all. Each boy has a side. I organize it by short, short sleeves, long sleeves and pants, sweats, etc. When Ethan outgrows it just gets moved to Grayson's side. It just works for me. It has been so much easier with them sharing a room rather when I had to do this in each room. Onemore load in the dryer and I'm DONE....

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