Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday's Recipe

I like meals that give you everything you need in one dish. I call them "One Pots". Here is my Super Easy Beef Stew. The base of the stew is V8 juice. I'm sorry that I don't do exact measurements....I'm just a "wing it" kind of girl in the kitchen. Here is my best attempt at translating my tossing into a recipe.

Beef Stew

Stew Beef (cut your own or get it cut up and packaged..sometimes I still cut those down to smaller pieces)
V-8 Juice (the smaller one)
carrots (the long ones are much better than the baby carrots!)
red potatoes (or any other of your choice)
frozen organic mixed vegtables (I like the Harris Teeter brand)

1. Put your stew beef in a bag or bowl and add about 2-3T of flour and 1 t. salt. Coat the beef with the flour. Next brown it in hot oil.

2. Cut up about 3 potatoes and 4 carrots depending on size.

3. In a large pot add 4 c. of V8 juice and 2 c of water. Add in beef, carrots and potatoes. Simmer on low for about 2-3 hours. When your potatoes are tender add about 2 c. of the frozen vegtables. Simmer on low for at least 30 more min or until you are ready to eat. Add additional salt and pepper to taste.

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Darlene said...

mmmmm. we had beef stew this weekend too! my grandma's recipe (sorry. can't share!!). Yours sounds delish, and simple.

Excited about your giveaway!

Kris said...

You are the only person outside of my family that I know uses V-8 juice in their stew. I use it for chili too.