Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Today I'm not talking about cookies, or decorating or food. I have this older couple on my mind that I pass MWF on my way to preschool driving down Lawndale. I usually pass them just where Lake Brandt Rd meets Lawndale...if I'm on time! Anyway, I've grown facinated with them. I remember passing them last year, but did not really notice them. They are probably in there 70's. They are dressed well in long wool overcoats. He has on nice "slacks" (what an old man word), nice shoes and always has a military type hat on. She seems to have a skirt or dress on under her long wool coat. I supose they are out for a morning exercise walk. The thing that really gets to me is that he is always at least 6 feet in front of her. I've never seen them walking together. She is always behind him as he stiffly walks in front of her. The other day I actually saw her trying to "run" a little to try to catch up to him...but she didn't....he just kept on walking. It struck me as so sad that they don't walk together. When did they stop walking together? Did they walk together? Why can't he just slow down for one day and walk next to her pace?
In my business of this holiday season I think I've stopped "walking" with my family. I'm out in front trying to get everything done. So, as I sign off I going to promise myself to try to slow down, take their hands and enjoy the moments. I challenge you to do the same...hold someones hand because life goes by fast.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder!I am trying to slow down and enjoy every moment! I know when Christmas is over I always feel let down that I didn't enjoy it so one more week let's enjoy every minute! Merry Christmas!