Thursday, December 4, 2008

I Just Had to.....

have my own sign! I made it myself. I just bought a cheap board, painted it with my dining room blue. When that dried I took a paper towel dipped in some brown spray paint and rubbed a little on it. Next I added some Chocolate Brown words and I have my own sign! SOOO easy. You know I'm loving my vinyl words these days. So, if you are interested contact me and I can hook you up this Saturday morning at 10:00 am. My neighbor is having her friend come over to take custom orders for ANYTHING you want! A total deal. Great for Christmas gifts!

So, of course I could not resist this awesome Christmas one at SteinMart the other day! Also, here is my attempt at The Nester's fur wreath. I've hung it on this shutter that I am not done decorating yet.

Oh yes, and remember these consignment finds? Well, I finished them off with simple cranberry balls, which I did not make!!!
I'll be in Dough Land for every waking moment the next two days in prep for the Holiday fun this Sunday. I'll share some Christmas decor when I get a chance. My colors this year are red and white! Lot's of white this year, loving it!

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Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

How was the turn out? My sister in law got bad directions from MApquest and I heard they missed the first hour. UGH!! Oh Well..I tried - didn't want to cancel. I was SO sad that I missed it. How did you do? Hopefully, selling like crazy. :)